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Rendered, moving into photoshop!
May 15, 2020, 12:49 am
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Still rendering…
May 14, 2020, 7:43 pm
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Hello Nanette and Ricardo,

Currently still rendering my laptop decided to crash as the render was nearly finished ;( .

Anyways, I managed to clean up the model as much as possible fixing things that we spoke about last tutorial and made the sun light look like its evening time, so the busiest coolest time of the day. During the rendering process I have also managed to collate many images that I will be using for the vegetation and people in the image!

Will post the progress as soon as its done!


Hope you understand 😉

Second drawing!!!
May 12, 2020, 4:21 pm
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Hello Ricardo, Nanette and Nico!

Here is the second drawing, a closer view exploring the production and distribution of vegetables at the top level (spheres). With a subtle glimpse of meal time and cooking time through the circle platforms in the lower levels.

The drawing shows the circulation which occurs in the upper levels, and the movement of produce to the lower levels, wher cooking and eating occurs. I want to now begin to add vegetation and people to emphasize the process of production and how vegetables are piled and organized before being sent down to the lower platfroms.

The first sphere will grow tomatoes, the second larger one herbs and lettuce. And the last sphere which is for recreational and seating purposes will focus on fruits.

Small boats have been blocked out and the lowest platform too but these also need to be finished! its currently just a volume likewise with the structure currently just volumes but the idea is for it to resemble the kew gardens tree top walkway. If you look closely each platform has a mesh but also a structure beneath in the shape of a triangle which will connect to the tree like columns!

Thanks 😉

Have a good day

Oh and the sticks are just a reference of scale for me!

another things is the metal parts came a bit weird in the render need to fix that! and some parts are too dull like the strings holding the basket!

The image orientation I also wanted to alter a bit, to show more of the top of the middle sphere and emphasise the seating platform to the right.

Draft of the close up drawing
May 8, 2020, 5:08 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nanette,

Here is my progress so far, so as agreed I am focusing on the forest part of the pier, with instances of activity on the lower floor. I have started to pupulate the spheres in the foreground, with a basket pulley mechanism and adding stair and passages as well as ladders attached to the frame of the spheres.

I still need to understand more clearly how the bottom floor will work, and add that as well as show the produce moving down from the actual spheres!

The final drawing should have, people climbing the spheres to collect produce, baskets at different stages. People resting on the platform, kids also helping to collect produce. The bottom part of the drawing should show the event that occurs when produce arrives to the main level, as well as show the relationship to water.


May 1, 2020, 6:44 pm
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Hello Nanette and Ricardo,

so as you know extremely huge technical problems, I struggled a lot with the spheres layer. Essentially wire frames that have been extruded so they are huge and caused so much problem for the computer.

So what I ended up doing today is to remove that layer and i’ve started to work on all the layers except that one.

So it really needs so much work, the water, how the floating pods are held and acessed.

But i feel like I can start to have a feel for the pier. The idea is that the colours like red, blue, yellow represent Muara baru kampung boats. The ladders in bright colours were very prevalent there!

but yes unfortunately this is NOT what I expected to have for today, but will finish it properly this weekend!

Second draft
April 24, 2020, 4:23 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nanette 🙂

Here is my progress so far, after last tutorial I felt the need to change the actual flooring of the pier into something more unique. Instead of a rectangle I decided to create circular platforms beneath the spheres, this creates a more evocative circulation for inhabitants and provide 360 views throughout, it also means that boats and public have easy access to all platforms and vegetables can be distributed with ease . This also became very compelling as I began to add the actual kitchens and net like seating areas to accommodate the cultural ground seating during lunch times.

The journey is somewhat based around the program/cooking requirement so; stoves are only located on the second circle in the path, the first platform encourages raw cooking, whereas the second more meat and raw and then this follows towards the end where the platform combines cooking, growing and children’s playground creating an atmosphere somewhat similar to a Kampung but with an array of new moments, such as the relationship to the lake and water, the inclusion of a new green environment and unusual playgrounds.

All platforms have some aspect of distribution of veg to the public although the center platform focuses on growing and distributing. Platforms are scattered with buckets as growing and tending to the vegetables becomes an activity in which every Kampung member will feel they are a part of. The last part of the journey would be an isolated growing platform ( has spheres with plant growth and also disposal basins) elevated as the highest point in the journey.

New additions to the design have also been the floating seating spaces at different points to encourage a connection with water, like wise lower platforms that are connected to the main platforms , which are used as seating areas made from a mesh material, giving the pier a sense of transparency.

My next step is to move onto c4d, to begin rendering and adding more detail to the actual spheres. As I have focused mainly on the lower levels.

Thanks 😉


Draft in rhino progress ALEJANDRA
April 17, 2020, 11:50 am
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Hello Ricardo and nanette,

Here is my progress so far, I attempted to layout the context. Kampung on the left and then the Muara Baru buildings in the back. I also decided the dimensions I want for the spheres and the platform, spheres range from 2-7 meters. What I spent most of time attempting was to create different types of forest balls but with different functions, I also tried to understand how Kampung children and members where going to move around these spheres, the idea is there will be many entries through hanging ladders, but then there will be a net system around each that allows inhabitants to climb around the spheres to collect their produce. Some spheres as you can see, have cables that bring down a container, this container will be filled with produce. It is brought down so it can be distributed to the public.

I still need to continue modelling everything as you can see everything still lacks details, the spheres have parts missing, I need to work each one more individually but for the purpose of today I wanted to have an idea of the different components i’m proposing and limiting their function. I also need to add boats, and the element of suspension for all these components. I’ll also be working on the kitchen element at the bottom as i haven’t done that yet :/

I’m planning to, finish all the modelling in rhino and then move on to cc4d, to add refinement to all elements and render things to make them more realistic.

Also the bottom two images are ideas for a possible composition.

Hope you are both well!

Thanks so much for your time 🙂