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February 20, 2015, 10:06 am
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Nannette and Ricardo,

Recalling on what the jurors has told me on Monday I focused on the idea of ‘Terraforma’ as it has been something very important in my concept previously, which got a little bit lost later and I thought that if I manage to bring the idea back I would break from using the fishing village and tsunami as the only components that define my project. Therefore, I have done research into various ways of terraforming and by especially focusing on looking at more ‘permanent’ and more ‘fixed’ techniques. I also wanted to push myself to work on showing my research as that has been a problem.

In the first sheet, I am looking at various terraforming techniques from across cultures and times. I always pin point key concepts from each one. Then the other two sheets are focusing on permanent vs temporary (man-made vs nature made) terraforming where first is using a large platform structure such as the oil drilling platforms and the second if a mangrove forest which are placed in the beginning of beaches. I found the idea of mangrove forest from my research into tsunami prevention. It has a lot of environmental advantages – strengthens soil, improvements ecosystem, traps carbon.

Need to do sketches on the progressed design but I imagine it now more as a bridge from the sea (where the village would be) to the train station. So I would have several specific moments in my design: village on water, bridge, market underneath, connection to train station.

thank you

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Prodigal Land
December 21, 2014, 9:34 pm
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December 2, 2014, 2:19 pm
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During the tutorial with Apo on sunday, he suggested I use 180 servos instead of the gears to turn the islands around and use them also to turn on/off any other devices I will be using to record the input. We also discussed the possibility to put light sensors on the islands to they would stop when they overlap. Overall Apo suggested that the island should be much larger to increase the possibility of their meeting and overlapping.

I did research on storytelling and digital storytelling and found very interesting the clash between narrative and ‘game’ where people are allowed interaction. I looked into ‘interactive fiction’ where a story is written and people play it by writing into it. I would like my model to be the storyteller as people come close. It would play pre-recorded stories of the stopped configuration, ending the story unfinished for people to complete by either recording (would prefer but I just find it more difficult to imagine people would actually speak to my model). The other option would be to incorporate interactive fiction style game where the person receives text about the place and can then continue to write the story after.

This way the output would be a series of unfinished and finished stories about the interactions of the islands. I have shifted completely from actually finding the promised land.. is that ok?


Friday Update: Nika
November 21, 2014, 4:47 pm
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I have been researching maps and mapping. I found the illuminated manuscripts as a record of history, culture and of course the lands. The Ottoman manuscript really caught my attention aesthetically. https://www.flickr.com/photos/medmss/4689070830/in/photostream/.

Secondly, I have looked more into the ways of creating the mechanism as a Orrery. But I have trouble understanding some of the basics (how are the gears of different ‘planets’ in my version lands connected so they turn around the same shaft at different speeds? http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v409/n6818/fig_tab/409391a0_F4.html

I have found a textile that reacts to the pressure/touch which could cover the sides of the model, so that when people touch it the speeds change. Or I have thought about creating compass to go with the model that could be covered in this material.

Wastelands Ordinance

I have created maps exploring the main attribute of each of the islands. In this case it is the redistribution of arguable land (due to splitting lands between children into such small lots that they are no longer profitable… then they need to be sold to a larger land holder)

Then I explored what placement of the islands would be interesting, so they would keep meeting each other.

islands configure copy

And finally, I tried to create a model of those configurations. I know I will be using continuous rotation servo so I have ordered them now. Now I need to decide on placement of each of the islands based on attributes and relations to the other island.

2014-11-21 16.27.40