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April 25, 2021, 8:03 am
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

Hope you are doing well 🙂

While working on the architecture itself, I am still trying to find the right view for the 3d section. I have tried the angled section cut and the straight. The benefit of the first one is that I can show and detail interiors but the architecture becomes quite small within the overall composition and I wanted to ask if that becomes a problem?

The benefit of the second one is that its easier to show a little bit of the context while still having the project take up a big percentage of the drawing but it give me a chance to show anything about the interiors.

Wanted to know what you think about these views? Should I alter them again?

(I am not entirely done modelling the architecture and I have not rendered in C4D or edited in PS)

When thinking of how the architecture will change the nearby environment and the site in the long term I think that I will need to add a couple more element interact with and pollenise. I am also considering adding small bridge that links up the architecture with the other side of the canal. The bridge would be mostly made out of the porous concrete that is also found in the rest of the project. So overtime the change would be obvious throughout the structure and the bridge, while the bridge links the park and the other side of the canal. (gentrified neighbourhood of kings cross) However, as seen on the first image there is already a bridge very close to it so I am not sure about it anymore…

Thank you and I wish you a good Sunday!

See you on Tuesday

Best wishes,


April 23, 2021, 12:05 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette!

So I have worked on redesigning my project which now follows this circular shape. Its still following the same programs as before with minor changes and still follows the idea of the timeline its just that now it has that idea of kind of looping back. While I feel that this shape makes sense for the project overall it also really helped me scale down by a lot. In addition to that, I have tried to bring forward those elements of verticality from my prototype in this iteration and I think maybe I have to work on that a bit more. I want to develop this design by continuing to design the landscape around it and by adding porous structures that await to be pollenised by people interacting with the architecture.

As for the c4d render, I still struggle a bit and I am not happy with the c4d material i put on the building. However will be working on it. Also, since this task was to create a section I wasnt sure where it would be best to cut considering the circular shape….. Looking forward to the feedback!

Best wishes,