AA Inter 3

Second Drawing
May 14, 2020, 8:12 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

This drawing is trying to tackle about the scene in the portal (photo booth.) The unreal or the overlay start to interact and camouflage the real or the physical, where the structure itself become the place for the overlay to populate on. The overlay allows us to experience what we can not encounter in the real life. The drawing portrait two type of overlay, one is focus on the underwater-roots of the mangrove and one is focus on the leaves of the mangroves.

The drawing has not finish yet where I still need to photoshop the fishes, snakes, insects, etc… into the scene to really simulate the environments. Also, I wounder should I photoshop the human into the scene or just leave them white as the drawing now.



Second Draft Drawing
May 9, 2020, 5:59 am
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

I have now finish the digital overlays, imaginary and ancient mangrove forest, in the drawing. Now, I have started to rework on the photo booth itself. The booth will blend in within the mangrove forest by utilize bamboo and woods and the main materials. Also, the booth aim to create the feeling of stages while incorporate with walkway and pier.

I plan to use the weekend as well as next Monday to complete the design for the booth as well as some edition on the planting creature itself, then I would work on the drawing as well as the supporting materials.

Trying to sketch out some idea



Drawing 2.0 Draft
May 5, 2020, 8:12 am
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

For this drawing, I am focusing mainly on the overlaying layers on top of the photo booth as well as some design development of photo booth itself. The photo booth is the place which aim to generate more Instagram-able photos on the social media, so the overlaying layers will follow the quick updating feature of social media, or the layers will be replace overtime. However, the layers which have been replaced will also left a bit in the sky.

For now, I have think of two layers which will be lay on top.

Layer 01. Surrealist Mangrove Forest – aim to creating the forest in our imagination which utilizing AR to create the atmosphere which is impossible to achieve in physical world.

Layer 02. Ancient Mangrove Forest – aim to focus on the special atmosphere which mangrove roots create.

Draft Composition

For the stage now, still experimenting the atmosphere as well as the placement of the different overlays.

Thank you,


Section Drawing_Before Photoshop
May 1, 2020, 6:28 pm
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The drawing illustrate the main composition and architecture, planting creature and photo-booth. However, there is still people who interacts within the drawing as well as mangrove tree at the right side need to be add to the drawing .

Second Draft by Oscar
April 24, 2020, 5:03 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

Here is my progress so far on the section in cinema 4D.

Since the last tutorials, I am focusing on the development of the planting creatures as well as the photobooth by thinking how could people interact and engage with it. The planting creature now is not just a machine which plants the mangrove along the river by itself but there are spaces for the people to discuss future planting process, spaces for the worker to made bamboo basket (for young mangrove), and spaces for people to implement or put on the basket to the creature. Besides, the strings with cards on the creature work as the storage for each planning done by the locals. For the photo booth, it will be a recreational space, includes fishing stand, staircase to the river, ladder to the roofs, and leaderborad which shows name of people who contribute to this forests, within the mangrove forest as well as forming the walkaway within the forest. However, before the mangrove grow up, the space will provide AR vision for the future.

However, my render engine, octane, is somehow crashed at the last minute, and most of the texture could not be render out by the C4D built in renderer, so the scene now is not looking well, but as soon as I fixed the Octane, I will updated the drawing to you. For the render progress, I have set the mood to be in the afternoon with the sunset, so the sky is a bit yelloish and orangish. Also, I have finished texturing the city side, and still trying to figured out which colors and texture is going to be use to the creatures and the photobooths.

Apologies for not having the proper render to be post on the blog.

Planting Creature

Rendering of the city part before Octane crashed
Overall Scene Composition

Draft Composition by Oscar
April 17, 2020, 12:37 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

Here is my progress so far on both Rhino and Cinema 4D.

There is a lot of detail still need to be added on to the drawing, especially for the front part where the section is cut. I have decided the draft composition for the drawing, which show both the city and the riverbanks. On the side of the city, the focus will be on the interaction of people with the photo booth structures as well as their daily activities on the street. On the left side of the riverbanks, the focus will be on the planting structures (the planting structure itself has not been fully modelling yet, which will also incorporate the space for people to gather as well as discuss the future planting progress of the machine,) and the planting path of the machine. Also, on the sidewalk, there will be structure, little pavilions/fishing point and the street vendors, for people to enjoy space for now (before the mangrove grew up.)

I have an idea for the right side of the riverbanks to show what will the banks look like 20 years later or after the mangroves have grown up, but still not sure about this idea yet since the riverbanks at the right only have a little amount to shows.



Overall Composition of the Drawing
Fishing Stand/ Pavilion