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Tutorials – Saturday 1 June
May 31, 2019, 8:33 pm
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Hi all,

Tutorials for tomorrow – presentation rehearsals for 2nd years!

10:30 – Riyad + Zhi Wee

11:30 – Reina + Qian

12:30 – Shobha + Charlotte

14:00 – Caspar + Kechao

15:00 – Ludvig + Daniel

16:00 – Chiao + Maciej

Looking forward to it!

Friday 17/5 Presentation Rehearsals
May 16, 2019, 2:02 pm
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Tomorrow we will do rehearsals for the final crit and workshop your overall narrative/presentation. It’s a chance to test how to organise the hierarchy of your work (drawings, films, models) and also to identify what pieces can be further developed by Monday. Please come ready to do a run-through of your work in 8-10 minutes. Sequencing is key so think about how you frame your design project in terms of term 1 research, the unit trip, and Technical Studies. Think of how you can organise by theme, importance/relevance to your design, social/environmental agendas – rather than by the chronology of what you did in the year.

Bring your key drawings printed, show films on the screen, have models/booklets on hand and bring a sheet with your planned wall layout on it as we discussed last time I saw you. Spend some time tonight preparing by writing out your project title, synopsis and argument coherently. Remember that your audience doesn’t know your research interests, the nature of the sites we visited, the unit’s understanding of mythology/narrative so you need to communicate these alongside/to contextualise the content of your project.

Tutorial times below:

10:30 – Kechao + Qian

11:30 – Maciej + Riyad

12:30 – Shobha + Zhi Wee

14:00 – Caspar + Chiao

15:00 – Charlotte + Reina

16:00 – Daniel + Ludvig

Looking forward to it!

Saturday Tutorials 4/5
May 3, 2019, 8:52 am
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Hi All,

Greatly looking forward to seeing you all again and exciting to see how your projects have developed. Please bring your perspective drawing and other major pieces you are working on (printed). Also bring working 3D models (digital and physical) so that we can discuss technical workflows.


10:30 – Caspar + Charlotte

11:30 – Ludvig + Kechao

12:30 – Shobha + Chiao

14:00 – Maciej + Daniel

15:00 – Reina + Riyad

16:00 – Zhi Wee + Qian

See you soon!


Saturday 23rd February Tutorials
February 22, 2019, 6:36 pm
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Hi All!

Looking forward to seeing your progress tomorrow. Please bring the fact sheets you completed for today and be ready to do a quick presentation rehearsal for tuesday’s jury. Bring your key drawings printed at scale and have any physical models/digital 3D scenes you are working on ready so that we can workshop them.

Third years please also come with your TS booklets in progress and printed so that we can catch up on that.

Tutorial times below:

10:30 – Riyad, Daniel, Shobha

12:00 – Reina, Kechao, Charlotte

14:00 – Zhi Wee, Maciej, Caspar

15:30 – Qian, Ludvig, Chiao

Please make sure table space is cleared so that we can do the rehearsal presentations on the table. Spend some time tonight thinking about the sequence in which you show your work and how by gradually revealing information to your audience you build both their engagement and an understanding of your work and agenda.


Saturday 2 Feb Tutorials
February 1, 2019, 6:33 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Excited to see what you’ve come up with this week. Please bring your new drawings/research/sheets printed. It’s important for tomorrow to focus on Term 2 production and ideas rather than going over Term 1 material again. Third years please also consider any technical questions you wish to go over tomorrow if you want to troubleshoot workflow at all. Times below:

10:00 – Daniel, Kechao, Zhi Wee

12:00 – Chiao, Shobha, Qian

14:00 – Caspar, Maciej, Reina

15:30 – Ludvig, Charlotte, Riyad

Saturday 26th January Tutorials
January 25, 2019, 3:30 pm
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Hi Everyone,

We will be having tutorials this Saturday – times below. Please bring along your diagrams of your term 1 work (response to part 1 of the new brief) as well as site analyses, research & potential project diagrams for your term 2 & 3 work. Bring the work well laid out and organised so that we an most efficiently discuss.

3rd years, it is critical that you start to fomulate your agendas for technical studies so please also bring a short piece of writing that sets out a possible research question for your TS and a first attempt at a table of contents.

10:30 – Caspar, Shobha, Riyad

12:00 – Kechao, Ludwig, Reina

14:00 – Charlotte, Maciej, Qian

15:30 – Daniel, Chiao, Zhi Wee

Looking forward to it!

Saturday 19th January Tutorials
January 18, 2019, 11:07 am
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Hi Everyone!

We will have a morning session together tomorrow from 10:00 – 13:30. Really looking forward to seeing what you have all been thinking about since the trip.

Mukeng 2.jpg

Mukeng Bamboo Forest – Unit Trip 2019

Please come with the 15 portfolio sheets you have been preparing, ready to summarise your research in 2-3 minutes. In preparing for this explanation, start developing a language for communicating your current research’s connection to your first term work, its relevance to the unit trip/selected sites, and how you plan to develop it in the next weeks. Start to look for the agendas, thematics and problems that are directly observable in your site, but also keep careful watch for the wider, more subtle and implied ones too.

Groups for tomorrow below:

10:00 – Qian, Riyad, Reina, Zhi Wee

11:00 – Ludvig, Kechao, Charlotte, (Maciej if you can)

12:00 – Daniel, Caspar, Shobha (Chiao if you are around – or can skype)


See you tomorrow




Presentation Rehearsals Saturday 8/12
December 7, 2018, 3:45 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow’s session will be focused on refining presentations and getting all final output up to scratch for the T1 Jury next week. Please all come prepared to do a run-through (8-10 min) of your whole presentation, showing your devices/installations in-situ, and in as complete a form as possible. Think about how you title/name your work, and how you will tie the project into your first drawing and overall T1 research. Also consider how you will talk about where you hope to go next with your project as we head toward the unit trip.

While of course we will talk about your work’s developing concepts as much as possible, the emphasis this week needs to be on finishing production, putting everything together and being articulate in how you describe the work, so please come ready and without everything being in seperate pieces!

Excited to see the progress – you are all dealing with fascinating ideas!

Tutorial order will be:

11:00 – Reina + Shobha

11:40 – Maciej + Zhi Wee

12:20 – Charlotte + Kechao


13:30 – Qian + Ludvig

14:10 – Caspar + Riyad

14:50 – Chiao + Daniel



Tutorial Saturday December 1st
November 30, 2018, 5:09 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had productive weeks. Please bring your work in progress along with your current project title and summary text on a single A4 for tomorrow. Also come with a concept sketch for how you plan to present your installation/device on the jury day. If you are planning a room scale installation – please make sure you have the space you need measured and booked ASAP if you haven’t already done so.

Looking forward to it!

Tutorial list below:

11:00 – Zhi Wee + Chiao

12:00 – Riyad + Maciej


14:00 – Qian + Shobha

15:00 – Reina + Daniel

16:00 – Charlotte + Ludvig

17:00 – Kechao + Caspar


Tutorial List Saturday 24/11
November 23, 2018, 11:27 am
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Hi All,

List below for tutorials tomorrow. Please bring your work in progress – experiments, tests, field recordings, mock-up models. Let’s use this session to trouble-shoot technical issues, and strengthen the connection between your design work and your concepts.

When presenting your progress, start thinking about how you name/title the components of your devices, and begin to build a verbal vocabulary through which you consistently define the scope, concept and parameters of your project.

11:00 – Chiao + Qian

12:00 – Charlotte + Kechao


13:30 – Ludvig + Reina

14:30 – Caspar + Shobha

15:30 – Maciej + Zhi Wee

16:30 –  Daniel + Riyad

Excited to see your progress.