AA Inter 3

Friday 19/01 by tutor
January 18, 2018, 10:53 pm
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Tomorrows tutorial Will be in groups 3. Bring your material printed and organized for discussion.

10:30 Haya, Tekla, Taiki

11:30 Caterina, Kwang, Cindy


13:30 Efe, Shlok, Tamika

14:30 Matthew, Thomas, Mamoru


Term 01 ‘Book of Lands’ Document Hand-in by tutor
January 16, 2018, 6:38 pm
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As mentioned you will produce a document about your Term 01 at INTER 3 called Book of Lands. The ‘Book of Lands’ is a document that format Term 01 work into one cohesive aesthetic and concept theme. Many of your term 01 involved models, inspirations, films, a few drawings, studies. Most of the work was presented in different formats. The Book of Lands is a chance for you to tackle a document that will organize your Term 01 ideas and present them in a beautiful and legible way.

Please find below the key points:

  • Number of pages: anything between 30-50
  • Include Title, cover page, content page, chapter divide pages, bibliography
  • Write an introduction explaining what is your Book of Lands about with 300-400 words. Avoid writing the obvious (this is my term 01 work…)
  • Choose a format easy to handle and print also that you can keep a consistency and legibility throughout it. Recommended formats is around A3 size (bit smaller or smaller for a reason), portrait or landscape according to the type of information you will structure
  • Make it crafty and well presented. The most important is content, but also how the content manifest itself on the presentation. Find what is the key angle/concept of your Term 01 ‘Book Of Lands’ and translate that into how the format is present it. Use different papers or fold out drawings and maps to show larger scale drawings or photos.
  • Make sure to select photos of models, video screenshots that capture your final work and also the making process of your arduino installation. Describe the basic, introduce in one or two pages what is arduino, how do you use it
  • Show and quote (give credit) to your inspirations and references (4/5 pages)
  • Show key photos of unit trip and briefly describe why they are important to you (4/5 pages)
  • Organize your workload: the Book of Lands submission will run in parallel to the unit work. So make sure to allocate some time everyday to work on it, so you can think, structure and design a document that help you move forward.
  • We will collect everyone’s ‘Book and Land’ and give in depth comments to it. Make it worth it.
  • Deadline: 02/02/2018

16/01 Tuesday Class by tutor
January 15, 2018, 10:08 pm
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Class will start at 10:30am sharp at Unit space, all bring your work printed for discussion and mark ups. 

Friday Meeting and To Do Task by tutor
January 11, 2018, 11:51 am
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Image: Somewhere near Jomsom

We hope all of you are well and ready for our second term starting tomorrow Friday 12/01/18. For our first session we want you to bring printed:

-Select 10 pictures (EACH one printed in one A4) of interest that relate to your current research. Your current research means NOW and related aspects of the first term that you want to take forward. Needless to say that research is organic meaning it evolves and the subject of research can evolve too, but refrain of changing completely. One of the main differences between first and second year is the capacity to make connections and synthesise information into projects.

– Write 200 words of what is your most key thought or impression or memory of the Nepal related trip and  link to an aspect of your work. It can be a place, a moment, a cultural observation. Printed in one A4 with your name on it.

-Bring any other sample, or objects that are relevant to your research.

Be concise and be decisive.

See you all at 10:30am sharp at the unit space.

Friday 15/12 CRIT by tutor
December 14, 2017, 9:23 pm
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The final crit of term 01 is upon us. The crit will take place at 32 FFB, please lets all meet at 9:20 sharp to help prepare the room, specially with so many models. We have noticed that some of you do not come on time for crits, or do not help during the room preparation. If you are not there tomorrow at 9:20, you will not present.

Please make sure you focus on your current work, but discuss and make sense of your full Term 01 studies. The crit is also to see your capacity to create an argument and synthesis. Learn how to talk about your work is essential.

We very much look forward to see you and your work tomorrow!

Tuesday 12/12 Tutorial by tutor
December 11, 2017, 10:14 pm
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Please make sure you bring your crit presentation layout, your model work in progress and video work in progress to discuss tomorrow.

Only 3 days left to the final Term 01 Crit. Push it extra hard.

Tutorial list below:

10.00 Tekla + Tamika

10.50 Haya + Taiki

11.40 Kwang + Efe

12.20 Mamoru + Cindy


2.00 Matthew + Thomas

2.50 Shlok + Caterina

Friday 08/12 Tutorial by tutor
December 7, 2017, 9:31 pm
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One week to the final Term 01 Crit. We hope that with all the hand-ins clear many of you can concentrate in catching up with your work on the unit. 

Tutorial list below:
10.00 Tekla + Shlok

10.50 Matthew + Taiki
11.40 Kwang + Mamoru
12.20 Efe + Cindy
2.00 Haya + Thomas
2.50 Tamika + Caterina