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by sindidojaka
April 25, 2021, 8:03 am
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette,

Hope you are doing well 🙂

While working on the architecture itself, I am still trying to find the right view for the 3d section. I have tried the angled section cut and the straight. The benefit of the first one is that I can show and detail interiors but the architecture becomes quite small within the overall composition and I wanted to ask if that becomes a problem?

The benefit of the second one is that its easier to show a little bit of the context while still having the project take up a big percentage of the drawing but it give me a chance to show anything about the interiors.

Wanted to know what you think about these views? Should I alter them again?

(I am not entirely done modelling the architecture and I have not rendered in C4D or edited in PS)

When thinking of how the architecture will change the nearby environment and the site in the long term I think that I will need to add a couple more element interact with and pollenise. I am also considering adding small bridge that links up the architecture with the other side of the canal. The bridge would be mostly made out of the porous concrete that is also found in the rest of the project. So overtime the change would be obvious throughout the structure and the bridge, while the bridge links the park and the other side of the canal. (gentrified neighbourhood of kings cross) However, as seen on the first image there is already a bridge very close to it so I am not sure about it anymore…

Thank you and I wish you a good Sunday!

See you on Tuesday

Best wishes,


by ssungmin
April 23, 2021, 5:24 pm
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Hello Ricardo & Nannette!

I hope you are well.

Here are my hand sketches showing ideas of different views and perspectives cutting through various sides of sections and a first render of the skeleton of my refined model. The render image looks fairly rough as another two layers that would be on top of this body mass (main mass) are not yet rendered. Based on the comments and advices from the last term, I have decided to bring the main idea that I have got from term 1, the egg ghost, to be visually represented with my model. For instance, I am trying to focus on increasing the level of wildness and add grotesqueness atmosphere around the area (fantasy of experience). Some part of the egg ghost (the model) would peel off / go over the coal office seen on the right and even to the pavements.

Still thinking of utilising an idea of “erosion,” I would like to bring wildness back with the effect of some part of the model eroding. Therefore, the materials used in my model would be divided into three categories, initial material (concrete/metal), secondary material that gets mixed with the first material which would fall over time (dissolvable concrete), and lastly, soil.

I still struggle a little with C4D programme, however, I would add plan & section of the refined model and a finalised rendered image as soon as possible.

All the best,


by lauraaa3
April 23, 2021, 4:28 pm
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Hi dear Ricardo, dear Nannette,

So far, I have changed my project in terms of scale and location. I have moved to Kings Cross, as it was long so a feeling that I would need to move their as my project is one that is performative. I always wanted it to reach as many people as possible which was why in the first place I located it on Hampstead heath near Parliament Hill for that it was the most “visited” location in the park. Now, I am very happy with the location of Kings Cross- the place in London where most circulation happens underlined by the near by Railway Station. Further more I found great interest for Kings Cross’ history marking the industrial period of London- the 6 Gasholders in Kings Cross which were in active use until the 2000 i believe is for me a great reference point for the ground contamination of the site to the times of its industrial use. The contaminated ground could be treated with the mycelium as a natural bioremediation and so on… Furthermore, I feel like the just finishing/finished development which was going on in Kings Cross( more or less since 2007?) is for me a quite perfect example for the anthropogenic city which i want to build on placing a counter statement right there. The counter Statement would be my project- a radical approach for breaking up the “rigid” “clean” asphalt, concrete development, creating a space with the appearance of a monster like creature. The creature is an organic shaped scaffolding structure composed of sticks which is then draped with mycelium ropes- ropes made from mycelium+substrate which are draped above the scaffolding structure – growing with it together. The idea is here to design a structure with a lifecycle in the sense that the mycelium would degrade with the time and would fall down to the ground serving as a natural bioremediator to the contaminated ground.

Furthermore, in terms of the program of the project, I indicated “two” levels more or less, the one level on the ground being accessible to humans and the one above being non-accessible to humans- for wildlife to sprout. The structure has a clear “main Part” which is the part located on granary square- this part is designed in more complexity and offers more various spatial qualities then the part from the bridge on towards the Stations. This part is more thought of the reaching arms of the creature continuously growing, reaching out to overtaking the streets of the city.

Current state of development: I have come so far modelling the scaffolding structure. I have not yet figured out how ti model the “draped” ropes above the structure- but I’m coming closer 😉 Unfortunately the light thin structure is hard to see on the visualisations in contrast to the bold surrounding built environment. In terms of the section cut, I have thought cutting it in a way that on the left side of the section, you are able to see the cut structure closer, which is the “main part” of the structure as well, and on the right side you would see the extensive structure meandering through the city.

I hope you are able to see something on my very abstract pixelated visuals 😀 and I am looking forward for your feedback!

All the beeeeeest xx Laura!!!!!

by laetitiakha
April 23, 2021, 3:02 pm
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Hello Ricardo & Nannette!

Here are some drafts of the design with rendering in progress.

I have researched on the relationship between the two different geographies; the Brazilian Amazon and London, through monitoring deforestation. I have found there is a significance of a tree in being a natural organism that stores CO2, and when it is burnt, the CO2 stored in the tree is released in the atmosphere, contributing to the warming of the planet and pollution. As philosopher Bruno Latour suggested, the idea of mankind manipulating nature and reincorporating it somewhere else is an illusion we have created that nature is outside, but maybe we never were outside of nature. Therefore, the two geographies are interlinked with the idea that one action in the Amazon such as fires will impact the health in another side of the world; London as we all share the same biosphere and ultimately the same planet.

With the renders and design in progress, I may still manipulate the size and interiority.

My aim is to visualise the impact of deforestation through:

  1. Visually: Outer skin attracts pollution over time and may become hairier
  2. Sensory: Deformation of the skin disrupts social activities
  3. Tracing: Leaving traces of imprints of pollution onto surrounding buildings

Activities within creature is educational and hands-on:

Cultivation is at the core to reconnect with the essence of where materials come from that we use every day, and to encourage more local cultivation rather than relying on external importation.

In terms of the structure of the envelope of the architecture, I aim to keep it a mixture of wood and inflatable fabric which would be malleable enough for deformation.

Best wishes,


Qi by xuemaqi
April 23, 2021, 1:50 pm
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Hi Ricardo & Nannette!

Hope everything is doing fine!

Here are some of the rough screenshot of the new design! I have being following the ideas from last semester to design the rave club on the trees. The first change was to redesign the arrangement of the fractal prototypes along the railway, instead of duplicating just one sample, I altered each one with different forms and curvatures. The blue worm-like part is the slab for the dance floor, which is a huge tension cushion tied on each tree trunks. Inside the structure in the middle will be look like the third image, with tree branches tapering to the top. The tree columns actually were inspired by the columns in the Sagrada Família. Later the temporary living space will be added to the space in between the columns on the top. I will model the upper part using the prototype from the first term in image 4, like a big dome composed by wisteria vines intertwining. Currently the model is quite not finished without details, so I will catch up to model other parts as well as the site. I am trying to work more and hope I can update tomorrow.

All the best


by elenazubareva
April 23, 2021, 12:52 pm
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Hello Ricardo and Nannette!

Here you can see some drafts of my final design and the first image. After the panel I have been reconsidering my design proposal and trying to collect all of the previous drafts in order to come up with the finalised design. 

One of the main things I have been taking into consideration is the fact that the site has various conditions which now impact the design way more. It was noted that the previous proposal has been taking too much space from the ground and was not adaptable to the change of the heights, dimensions and conditions. Therefore, the redesigned version of the project follows the same grid and ‘unit’ system logic but now in a different way. As you can see on an uploaded plan I have kept the same grid that follows the vector from the gasholder. In the new version of the design this grid is a guidance for the ‘skeletone’ of the project on which I am panning to put the modified versions of the units and the platforms for the visitors. 

Essentially, the main idea is to keep the structure as lightweight and adaptable as possible. Each unit would accommodate the similar programs as there were previously in the proposal: the aviaries and the rewildingg labs, however in the new version the units will be changing along with the rewilding process as well, for instance there will be a possibility for them to dissolve once the cycle is completed. The design of the unit also highlights that quality.

On the screenshots that I have uploaded you are able to see a part of the redesigned structure. The aim is for it to follow the same pathway as you can see on the plan – therefore it will be quite long but light and delicate. Each one of the educating units will be connected with the others by the platform for the user.

Finally, as for the angle of the 3d section I have been hesitating between the two options (both labelled). As the structure will be growing and will get extended for the next week, I believe that both of the angles are able to show it well and hopefully it will be more clear which angle to choose form that point. 

Also here is an early sketch that might describe my idea a bit better!

Thank you!



part of the structure close up

by florbex3
April 23, 2021, 12:50 pm
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Hi Ricardo & Nannette!

Hope you guys are doing stellar 😀

Going right to it…

My work references the love story of the famous Renaissance novel/treatise Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, long a cult book among architects and regarded as one of the most enigmatic books ever published. This original version takes place in a forest and exists somewhere in the borderland between fiction, theory and pornography.

The story is a dream within a dream. In my retelling of the narrative, Polyphilo dreams that he is alone in the dark and threatening forest of Epping. His story is a veritable strife for love, an erotic trance of desire.  Along his rugged path in search for his beloved Polia, Poliphilo describes meaningful architectural events, visiting with his sensual imagination magical structures that radically question the supposed reality of geometric space as the scope of ​​human existence. 

I am creating four different creatures of architecture that Polyphilo will come across in his dream. Each one will bring to him a different experience of being in this world.

CREATURE 1 – HYPERTENSION & DISPLACEMENT (experience shown in the draftdrawing)

The first event Poliphilo comes across is a designed space that is not static but in tension

as it integrates the necessity of displacement. As the point of view changes, the displacement generates a dynamic vision of space where the relationship between space and its limits are blurred. Poliphilo, dissociated, is lost in the transfer and in the absence of his beloved almost dies from anguish.


In darkness, a melody guides him to a light.


Leaving behind the ambivalence of the structure, in the clearing he finds a woman. A central body, fractured, opened and animated by tectonic movements. This space of desire wraps his body and reawakens his senses bringing him back to life.


Note: The draft drawing shows the beginning of Poliphilo’s dream, when he finds the first creature in the forest. In the background, I have been trying to show a glimpse of the other creatures, but are yet not visible in the draft. I have been designing the creatures in Rhino –  but most of all, giving it a big thought in the whole retelling of the story. The landscape I designed in Cinema4d, is temporal, as I intend to use cloud point data from Epping Forest for the final edit. 

All my best,

florbex3 ❤


by sindidojaka
April 23, 2021, 12:05 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nannette!

So I have worked on redesigning my project which now follows this circular shape. Its still following the same programs as before with minor changes and still follows the idea of the timeline its just that now it has that idea of kind of looping back. While I feel that this shape makes sense for the project overall it also really helped me scale down by a lot. In addition to that, I have tried to bring forward those elements of verticality from my prototype in this iteration and I think maybe I have to work on that a bit more. I want to develop this design by continuing to design the landscape around it and by adding porous structures that await to be pollenised by people interacting with the architecture.

As for the c4d render, I still struggle a bit and I am not happy with the c4d material i put on the building. However will be working on it. Also, since this task was to create a section I wasnt sure where it would be best to cut considering the circular shape….. Looking forward to the feedback!

Best wishes,


Varya by varyagunchenko
April 23, 2021, 11:32 am
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Dear Ricardo and Nannette,

I hope you are doing wonderful.
I’ve been focusing on modelling the model of my design as well as the Kings Cross site both of which look rough still. I really want to add all the main elements before I start choosing the view of the section. I am also still changing the design and trying to develop it still in the process of modelling. Yet I have decided that I want my image to show all the parts of my structure including garden, restaurant space, areas of food growth and etc . and also elements of the site such as borders of the canal and Waitrose which I was advised to connect my design to. I believe that the question of the angle and composition is of a great importance and because I don’t have all the elements I’m still unsure about it.
the 3D model is partly rendered in rhino which I’ve done just to for it to look more clear on what is what. All the rendering will be done later in photoshop, C4D.
Best wishes


by pelintamay
April 23, 2021, 11:01 am
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Dear Ricardo & Nannette,

Hello, I hope all is well.

I have modified my proposal in order to create a harmonious flow withinthe design and to create an experience. I wanted to make the structure blend in with the surrounding environment (which I am going to model soon with the trees) during daytime and I wanted the space to become an experience like an installation at night. Therefore, I wanted to use glass as my main material so that the structure is ghostly during day with focus to the scientists workng in the labs.

Currently I have done the circulation for the visitors, but I still need to design the entrances for the scientists working in the laboratories. In terms of the playground, I am not so sure about that idea and I hope to discuss it in the tutorials.

I thought that maybe half of the section perspective could show daytime with visitors interacting with the laboratories using different viewing platforms and technologies for each unit of testing, while the other half of the drawing could show the visitors experiencing the performative installation throughout the night.

I haven’t managed to start designing the interior yet however once I get the circulation to look and perform the way I want, I’ll directly begin.