AA Inter 3

02/01/18 Class by tutor
February 1, 2018, 10:37 pm
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We have a great Friday class with two portfolio shows follow by tutorials. Please come early and bring your coffee or tea.

The day is organized as:

9:00 Eric Hoffmann + Nathan Su Portfolio

11:00 Shlok + Efe

11:40 Tekla + Matthew

14:00 Mamoru + Kwang

14:40 Haya + Tamika

15:20 Cindy + Caterina

Tuesday 30/01 Class by tutor
January 29, 2018, 10:43 pm
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We will start the day with Nicholas Zembashi showing his 3rd year project. Exciting!

Please be at the unit 10 minutes earlier.

Tutorials will follow after:

9:20 Nicholas portfolio show
10:30 Tamika + Mamoru
11:10 Cindy + Shlok 
11:50 Haya + Matthew

13:30 Efe + Kwang
14:10 Tekla + Thomas + Caterina

Re-post: Drawings and Diagrams for Inspiration by tutor
January 29, 2018, 3:00 pm
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Here are some diagrams for your inspiration, I’m sure you can find lots more for yourself…

02 manon-mollard manuel-g-nogueira_3 soonil-kim-kings-vine02u21_02_vermeulen_003

And following some drawings that could be an inspiration for compositions, drawing style and/or use of colour etc:

759_13 chetwoods_butterfly-house02 derek-pirozzi_speculating-the-coast02 derek-pirozzi_speculating-the-coast03 manuel-g-nogueira_11 kidney_sections_illustrator017basementbarml01035-vagrant-axis900_0

Reference for Thomas and Haya by tutor
January 29, 2018, 2:32 pm
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Man Jia-10

Man Jia-23


Man Jia-24


Top 02 drawings are long sections on rivers, maybe already focused on time process or proposal representation, but a start about lines and colours. Top Drawing by Harikleia Kalamari, AA Inter3, second drawing by Chan Sze Yan Maisie, Phantom 18.

The Lower three drawings are examples of how land is codified and drawn based on cultural references. In that case it relates to Peruvian culture. But the student also explored those ideas of view and how it could be re-drawn or redesigned in the last sheet. The first two sheets here are more relevant for the drawing. Drawing by Man Jia by Phantom 18.

Friday 26/01 Tutorial by tutor
January 25, 2018, 10:08 pm
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We really look forward to see you everyone’s progress tomorrow! Please bring the material printed and ready to discuss.

The list:

10:30 Tamika + Matthew

11:10 Cindy + Taiki

11:50 Haya + Mamoru 

13:30 Caterina + Kwang

14:10 Tekla + Thomas

14:50 Efe + Shlok

Friday 19/01 by tutor
January 18, 2018, 10:53 pm
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Tomorrows tutorial Will be in groups 3. Bring your material printed and organized for discussion.

10:30 Haya, Tekla, Taiki

11:30 Caterina, Kwang, Cindy


13:30 Efe, Shlok, Tamika

14:30 Matthew, Thomas, Mamoru

Term 01 ‘Book of Lands’ Document Hand-in by tutor
January 16, 2018, 6:38 pm
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As mentioned you will produce a document about your Term 01 at INTER 3 called Book of Lands. The ‘Book of Lands’ is a document that format Term 01 work into one cohesive aesthetic and concept theme. Many of your term 01 involved models, inspirations, films, a few drawings, studies. Most of the work was presented in different formats. The Book of Lands is a chance for you to tackle a document that will organize your Term 01 ideas and present them in a beautiful and legible way.

Please find below the key points:

  • Number of pages: anything between 30-50
  • Include Title, cover page, content page, chapter divide pages, bibliography
  • Write an introduction explaining what is your Book of Lands about with 300-400 words. Avoid writing the obvious (this is my term 01 work…)
  • Choose a format easy to handle and print also that you can keep a consistency and legibility throughout it. Recommended formats is around A3 size (bit smaller or smaller for a reason), portrait or landscape according to the type of information you will structure
  • Make it crafty and well presented. The most important is content, but also how the content manifest itself on the presentation. Find what is the key angle/concept of your Term 01 ‘Book Of Lands’ and translate that into how the format is present it. Use different papers or fold out drawings and maps to show larger scale drawings or photos.
  • Make sure to select photos of models, video screenshots that capture your final work and also the making process of your arduino installation. Describe the basic, introduce in one or two pages what is arduino, how do you use it
  • Show and quote (give credit) to your inspirations and references (4/5 pages)
  • Show key photos of unit trip and briefly describe why they are important to you (4/5 pages)
  • Organize your workload: the Book of Lands submission will run in parallel to the unit work. So make sure to allocate some time everyday to work on it, so you can think, structure and design a document that help you move forward.
  • We will collect everyone’s ‘Book and Land’ and give in depth comments to it. Make it worth it.
  • Deadline: 02/02/2018