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Tuesday 21/11 Class by tutor
November 20, 2017, 7:06 pm
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Tuesday 21/11 Class will be in groups of two, please bring the requested material discussed last week. Bring the material printed and the arduino tests on video or ready to demonstrate the current experiments/tests/trials.

The order:

10.00 Caterina + Kwang

10.40 Thomas + Matthew

11.20 Taiki + Haya

12.00 Tekla + Efe


2.00 Tamika + Mamoru

2.40 Cindy + Shlok



Friday 17/11 Class by tutor
November 16, 2017, 5:36 pm
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The Lung of Phnom Penh15.jpg

Image: Maya Laitinen, The Lung of Phnom Phen

Friday’s class will start sharp at 10:30am. We will explain the next phase leading to your final model using arduino and how it connects to Term 02. This will be followed by tutorials in groups of two. So please bring your arduino case study printed. Also please bring a few ideas of how you think you could evolve your current work using arduino.

At noon we will have the pleasure to host Maya Laitinen ex-AA Inter 3 to present her beautiful portfolio and work developed with us a few years ago.

Super looking forward to it!

Monday 13/11 and Tuesday 14/11 by tutor
November 12, 2017, 12:39 pm
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Image: Arduino UNO 

Thanks again for presenting on the Friday Crit! Feedback coming soon today.

We will have two meetings in the next two days. First we will meet briefly on Monday 13/11 at the unit space at 13:45 to debrief from the crit. It will be a short meeting of 45 minutes/1 hour max.


Yes! Confirmed! The arduino workshop will start at 10:00am sharp on Tuesday for the whole day. The workshop would be in pairs to make learning more efficient. So you only need 06 arduino Uno kits (for 12 students). Please organize in pairs already.

Before the arduino workshop:

-please install the arduino software in your laptop  here

-Research on online for arduino designs and projects that could be interesting for you. Select 05 references and explain (50-100 words per example) why each of them is of interest to you. Print it in 02 A4’s and bring in on Tuesday with your name.

AA INTER 3 Crit Friday 10/11 by tutor
November 9, 2017, 3:54 pm
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Friday CRIT DAY!

How, when and where:

We need everyone to be present at the Lecture Hall at 9:20AM to help organize the space. We will organize a table display for models and decide the presentation order. Make sure you print your work the night before and have a good night of sleep, please learn that lesson now. Inter 3 policy: if you are late, you will not present.

We look forward to see you and your work tomorrow!



Scavengers and Others Creatures in Promised Lands available on Amazon by tutor
November 7, 2017, 5:22 pm
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170809 Inter3 Agenda Cover_Low Res.jpg

Image: Scavengers and Other Creatures in Promised Lands by Ricardo de Ostos and Nannette Jackowski

Our new book Scavengers and Other Creatures in Promised Lands is finally on Amazon . It is also available at the AA Bookshop .

Book Blurb:

Is the idea of environment in architecture only ever reducible to ‘environmental architecture’? Our answer is a resolute no. Instead we offer an alternative reading of ‘environment’, in which the brutal and lyrical are juxtaposed through visually compelling narratives of architecture. Illustrating our approach, this book presents ten years of student projects at the Architectural Association, all prompted by the unit’s visits to extreme geographic contexts – from the rainforests of Brazil to the quarries of northern India. With additional photographic documentation and conversations with Lebbeus Woods, Geoff Manaugh and Peter Cook, Scavengers & Other Creatures in Promised Lands explores the gripping power of myth and fiction as radical narratives for imagining the near future
of cities and forests.

London, 2017, 29x24cm, 152pp, illustrated, paperback.

Tuesday 07/11 Class by tutor
November 6, 2017, 1:58 pm
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There will be tutorials in small groups of two tomorrow, please see list below for your time. Bring your sheets printed in A3 drafts and the model work in progress too (make a sketch of your planned pin up space including how you want to display your models).

Should you not be able to make your time please try to swap with one of your colleagues (in advance, not last minute) and let us know. Please be on time.

10.00 Mamoru +Cindy

10.40 Thomas + Kwang

11.20 Taiki + Efe

12.00 Haya + Shlok


2.00 Tamika + Tekla

2.40 Caterina + Matthew

Friday 03|11|2017 by tutor
November 2, 2017, 3:55 pm
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There will be individual tutorials tomorrow, please see list below for your time. Should you not be able to make your time please try to swap with one of your colleagues (in advance, not last minute) and let us know. Please be on time.

10.00 Tamika

10.20 Shlok

10.40 Thomas

11.00 Mamoru

11.20 Cindy

11.40 Matthew

12.00 Haya


2.00 Kwang

2.20 Caterina

2.40 Tekla

3.00 Efe

3.20 Taiki