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1st Draft “The Beacon of Morpheus’s Soil” by ignatioputra
April 19, 2016, 11:53 am
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The Beacon of Morpheus’ soil

“The soil is not simply dirt. It is a surface and an interface that connects the earth, water, air, and living things on our land. It absorbs and releases water and air. Movement of earth is directly affecting the soil configuration and living organism feed off from things which grow on the soil and when they die they become part of the soil. Soil mediates us with the land. But it is not simply a platform where we stand on. It lives, it breathes, and it negotiates with us. If we nurture it, it will return our favour.”

Those are the words my Grandpa always tells me. Today that soil of our land is stored in that massive beacon that soar and span more than 200 metres. The host structure resembles a dragon like creature and contain an important piece that constantly defines our land.

I often go to the deepest part which we named it the sacred soil chamber. I work there as a soil nurturer, every day we monitor the soil condition. For me, doing this has become a ritual to remind myself of the spiritual connection between us as people to the soil and the land.

In order to get to the soil bank I have to go through the narrow corridor, the market hall, and the public hall. It never ceases to amaze me, when you walk into it everything seems so narrow, humid, filled with stench from the vegetable and meat market, the ceiling is low and enveloped by patches of steel almost like a scene from an apocalyptic world. Cables hanging low from the ceiling making it feels more suffocating to go through the corridor. There is just enough sunlight that penetrates through the gaps between the elements. This long linear journey of stairs is then welcomed by a 4 storey hanging market hall where the Jumma and the Bengali trade their goods. Beyond the market hall we can see the famous public hall where authority give speeches on the future of our land, each time masses would gathered. Ceremonies such as traditional dances are also held there where the public can see from the street. The bridge beyond leads to the chamber. Sacred soils from disputed land are collected and nurtured here. Some are buried, some are hanged. They are the important piece that defines and mediates our land.

The enveloped made of cables covering the chamber like a veil. Allowing shimmering light to penetrate and illuminate the chamber during the day. As night comes together with the misty fog covering the town, the soil “dreams”.  The data of their condition are relayed to the network system underneath through the sensors which in turn are processed into a projection that pulsates through the membrane of a colossal belly-shaped and the mist. The beacon illuminates the town by projecting the future vision of our land. This projection can be seen on the spot or accessed through mobile network. Every night the Beacon of Morpheus’s Soil keeps on dreaming, reconnecting what land truly means for us and observing it became a ritual where we constantly check the progress of vision of the land. It reminds us what we should focus on- building the future and not destroy it.


*This is the first draft of the section, plan and text. The text currently still a bit too long as I am trying to convey the project theme, the architecture and the experience.

Thank you

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Thanks for the post!! Looks very interesting. Comments coming soon!

Comment by tutor

Thanks for the post on Tuesday Ignatio.

Great draft and super strong development on the break. The text is falling into place and a few ideas are emerging that are exciting (dreaming city/soil) that are not there to solve a problem but to propose alternatives and experiences of the situation (advocacy can be done in many ways not only on the newspaper, but also through space and art)

The comments:

1- As you probably know, the people at the moment feel a bit out of scale, or maybe is the size of the tunnel entry? Make sure you have the dimensions right in term of journey and experiences. The
2- Also how the building meets the ground at the moment is very dry and isolate. Every time a proposal of tha scale meets the city, they have to create new possibilities outside the form too, like on the ground approach, how people would organize themselves around that. You do not need to design a masterplan, but the plan and section should indicate more how people relate to the building, do they leave it alone, or connect to it, sell things under it? park around it? Imagine the consequences too.

3- The circulation at the moment looks very rigid, while you have a very rich and imaginative proposal, you suddenly install some ikea staircases/rails there. You do not need to go crazy, making things up, but how you can bring the same design consistency from ideas to details? Would a material, (cloth, hard soil/ brick/ceramic) help you imagine those moments differently? Would a multitask form (it is a stair but also a ascension to a temple, or a steeped market.) Consider circulation as part of the concept not just connecting concepts.

4- As on comment 2 consider the context more in plan, specially at the entrance to 3/4 of it, before the soil place. From there is more about comment 5.

5- The dream soil, projection is very interesting. But the drawing, specially in plan is not conveying it at the moment. Think about images like the famous Sandman covers (graphic novel by vertigo). Like this:





On those examples, there is pure domination of the fluid and overlapped elements of dreams. The surreal and pervasive real certainty that those things are powerful and are in their own domain, not in a theatrical zoo for entertainment. last 1/4 of the drawing we should really see that rainbow (not literally) of channels, and stripes twisting and weaving the dreams of division and unison of people in Chittagong Hill Tracks. Push it and learn how to digital paint!


p.s: The model of that could be really immersive and haunting in a good way.

Comment by tutor

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